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Controversial Decisions

Controversial decisions, and unthinkable outcomes from one-sided fights. Or at least from the audience’s perspective that’s what it looks like – Or does it? Boxing Legend, and still competing, Manny ‘Pac-Man’ Pacquiao has faced more than his share of controversial decisions in his time, and still to this day.

The Bad Day Pac-Man Fans Remember

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June 9, 2012 was the start to some boxing fans losing interest in the sport and looking elsewhere for fights that did not look fixed. That night in Las Vegas, Nevada – Timothy Bradley faced off against a top contender in boxing, one of the greatest, and at that time – Pac-Man was peaking. In a controversial 12 round majority decision Bradley took the victory and boxing fans around the world were shook.

Another Controversial Loss in Brisbane, Australia

Fast forward to this year, July 2nd 2017 – the same scenario played out once again for Pacquiao. Although not at the peak of his career, and balancing a political career at that – Pac-Man was in the match, trading blows and evading hits – he was thought to have won the bout by countless fans, and announcers throughout the world. Brisbane, Australia – the hometown of Jeff Horn is where it all took place. Was this a home advantage victory? A robbery? Or an obvious defeat? The judges scored unanimously…

Well once again, Pacquaio might face off Horn in a rematch. Like the Bradley fight, Pacman wants a rematch. This could result in a 3-fight series.

I really want to have a rematch against Horn,” said Pacquiao to the Manila Times. ”Although I haven’t formally talked with them yet, there is a rematch clause in our contract and there is a possibility I am going to exercise that. We will do our best to bring the fight here in the Philippines as we look also for sponsors. If not here, we are considering to bring the fight to Dubai or possibly in the United States.

The result of the Horn fight could be an end of the Legend’s boxing career, unless they rematch. At least that’s what Freddie Roach, his longtime coach and mentor thinks. He told TMZ Sports:

Fight a rematch with Horn, otherwise retire.

Freddie Roach

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Second Thoughts?

The match is still up in the air, maybe its a venue choice – or maybe a recovery choice – or as Roach recommends, retirement. Nonetheless, there were light commitments on a Brisbane rematch – not what Pac-Man had in mind. Horn’s promotional team has given Manny and his team a deadline for a rematch – but only in hometown turf, once again.

The Daily Telegraph says:

When Bob Arum saw media reports out of the Philippines that representatives of Manny Pacquiao were trying to get the fight in Manila, Arum gave Pacquiao until Saturday, August 26 to confirm that he would recommit to fighting in Brisbane.

Should Pacquiao Take the Rematch in Brisbane, or Hold Out for Another Venue?

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