Well, this writer is excited.

Everyone should be excited. Hell, Jesus is excited. (Maybe, I mean, why wouldn’t he be?!) After years of speculation, the much anticipated return of arguably the greatest mixed martial artist in competition is almost almost upon us. Georges “Rush” St. Pierre (25-2-0). As a mma fan, this is the day that I have been waiting for. My hero is finally strapping the gloves back on and coming back to where he belongs…kinda. Now, everyone knows that Rush is coming back at middleweight to fight a hard nosed veteran and current UFC Middleweight Champion in Michael “The Count” Bisping (31-7-0). Many have speculated that he doesn’t belong at middleweight…that after almost a four year absence  (3 years, 10 months and 22 days by fight night), he can’t cut it…that leapfrogging the more deserving middleweights is a bullshit call from the newly ran UFC. These are all valid arguments, but THIS guy doesn’t give a handful of damns.

He doesn’t belong at middleweight?

While this may be true, where the hell else was he going to go? He DOMINATED the welterweight class with an iron first. The list of fighters on his resume is insane.  Hughes. Trigg. Koschek. Penn. Fitch. Serra. Hendricks. Parisan. Shields. Condit. All champions or top contenders. Some of the best to ever lace up. Moving up was a giid move. New challenges. New fighters. Having to perform at a higher weight class where that added fifteen pounds DOES in fact, make a difference. (Ask Conor about that in his first Diaz fight) If the guy is TRULY going to cement his legacy, don’t you think the challenge of a higher weight class against fresh talent would prove that? Gracias! Besides, he gets punched in the face for a living. The fans win either way.

After four years, he can’t cut it…

Get. The. Fuck. Outta. Here. I have to agree with Dominick Cruz here. Ring rust is all in the mind. He is living proof. I do not believe Georges is any different. As the Georges fanatic that I am, I’ve been keeping up with my boy, and he NEVER STOPPED TRAINING. He’s been all over the place honing his craft and adding new tools to his game. Plus he has some of the best coaches in Greg Jackson and Firas Zahabi, I’m sure they are preparing him properly. Hell, he has Freddie Roach and John Danaher in that mix as well. (Coaches and corners make a fighter as well. This ain’t no one man show folks.) All this may not turn into one of the best performances GSP has ever had, but he will certainly prove to everyone he belongs with the best 185 pounders in the game. (I believe he will beat Bisping)

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As for the list of middleweights chomping at the bit for the belt….ok, this argument is a little different. I do agree that leapfrogging that list is bad form…on the part of the UFC. That shit is NOT Georges fault. As a former champion, the Bisping fight was a money/respect move. I get it. The new UFC regime is all about that paper, after all, this IS a business. I would have agreed more with Rush getting a top five guy just because of the title picture at middleweight. At the very least, Bisping and Whittaker should unify the damn title before this fight happens. As much as it pains me to say, they should have matched GSP with Luke Rockhold. I love Luke. He is a legitimate badass with one of the most complete set of skills in MMA. The shit he spewed about Georges would have set up their fight perfectly. (Besides, if Luke wouldn’t have been screwing around with Bisping, he’d still have the damned strap!) That would have definitely been a fight for the ages. (I kinda believe this fight is going to happen anyways…I’m putting ALOT of weight on GSP beating the snot out of Bisping) The middleweight division has got a sick top five…it’s just gotten a little stale. Having the former welterweight kingpin added to the ranks definitely fixes that problem.

All in all, Rush’s return should be a good one.

One of the best comes back. We get to see if he once again slides back into his role of dominance, or slips into a hit or miss pattern like so many fighters of old often do. This guy certainly hopes for the GSP of old. The finisher. The fighter that made the best look like beginners. You can bet your ass that on November 4th, I’ll be plopped in front of the tube for UFC 217 for one of the most amazing main cards ever. Thank you peoples and God Bless! Follow me on twitter here.