The Plot

The classic 1998 film, Rush Hour, starring martial artist Jackie Chan and comedian Chris Tucker is a loved film to this day. When Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) gets word consul Han’s daughter “Soo Youngis kidnapped on the way to school he springs into action. Eventually the FBI gets involved and they are not comfortable with Lee assisting in the investigation. The federal agents believe that if Lee is investigating the case it could cause embarrassment for the US government, so they send James Carter (Chris Tucker) to distract Lee. James later decides he wants to solve the case himself. The movie then takes off in a spiral of action, explosions, and hilarious comedic references. The film touches a serious topic and with the help of Jackie Chan includes amazing fight scenes and emotional attachments to Lee and the people he cares about. Although it is an action film, with the help of Chris Tucker the film becomes more lighthearted and is a laugh out loud comedy. Join your favorite action star and loved comedian on and adventure to save a little girl.

Overall Response

The movie has won multiple awards beginning in 1999 when Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker won favorite duo- action/adventure from Blockbuster entertainment awards. They were also voted best duo by MTV awards along with best comedic performance, best fight scene, and best movie soundtrack. After it was first released in America it had a weekend gross of thirty three million dollars. It had a total world wide gross of two hundred and forty four million dollars. Overall the movie had a very positive response and went on to continue being watched a loved even still today. The film has a 60 percent rating on Rotten tomato and the site’s consensus reads.

“A kick ass addition to the cop-buddy film genre.”

Behind The Scenes

When they first started filming, according to wiggld,  Chris Tucker was worried about the language barrier between him and Jackie Chan, he even mentioned it a few times as the movie filming was in process. Chan too saw this as a difficulty and it at times stressed them both out to the point where they needed to take breaks. As they spent more time together they began to joke and cause a ruckus off screen. When the cast flew to Hong Kong Carter and Chan actually went to a late night karaoke bar together.  The amazing duo was required to have translators for each-other which added to the fun. They had a lot of off and on screen chemistry.


The movie Rush Hour is a thrilling and hilarious must see film! If you enjoy it there are two other movies with the same title and actors. The movie is still famous today and rumors have been spread about them getting together one last time for a Rush Hour Four. If you love fighting and comedy then this is the movie for you!

About The Author

Mikayla Thomas is a 16 year old girl from a small town in Massachusetts. She is a martial art student and loves writing. This is her first article and she hopes to pursue college as an English major.  Follow the author on her Instagram HERE.