The Meal

World Wushu Champion, martial artist, stuntman and action choreographer Alfred Hsing recently invited legendary fighter Cung Le to be a guest on his YouTube channel alongside his co-host Thy Dinh. In this episode of  “Martial Arts and a Meal” the crew stops by Dragon Rouge Restaurant located in Alameda, CA for good conversation and some authentic Vietnamese PHO.

Martial Arts 

This YouTube clip would not be complete without some bad-ass martial art moves and fight choreography. Cung Le brings everyone to an elite training facility Smash Gyms. Here the crew will learn three self defense techniques and later smash a whole choreographed fight scene.

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Tactical Training

In today’s society it is more important now than ever to learn basic tactical training skills. Learning the difference between cover and concealment, or how to deploy situational awareness, everywhere you go can be the difference between life and death. Cung Le and the team go over some tactical drills at Evoke Tactical headquarters.

Full Video

Finally, enough teasing you, go watch the full clip located at the video below or click here. Enjoy the in-depth interview, Cung Le training tips, tactical training, an awesome fight scene and more. Let us know in the comments if you think Cung Le should be featured on more martial art YouTube channels.