Dana White

The president of the UFC teased fans today with a single tweet. Dana White posted a photo of himself and BROCK LESNAR, oh and the former heavyweight champion was sporting a UFC shirt… and it was taken in Vegas where UFC headquarters are located. This photo immediately got fans wondering if Lesnar is coming back to the UFC. It is important to note Brock’s WWE contract is rumored to be ending very soon.

WWE Contract

Aerial Helwani reported via twitter today that the WWE contract is in fact up in April of this year. He went on to make a great point that this could easily be a strategic negotiation tactic. By showing interest in the UFC, WWE may pay more in fear of losing Brock.

“Dana White tweeted a picture with Brock Lesnar earlier. Lesnar was wearing a UFC shirt. WWE is in Vegas tonight for a pay-per-view. Lesnar’s WWE contract expires after WrestleMania in April. There is mutual interest, that’s for sure… Also worth remembering, no one negotiates better than Lesnar. He does this every time and is very open about it. Most recently, he showed up at UFC 184 in the midst of contract talks but re-signed with WWE. Of course, he later did the UFC 200 fight. But the door ain’t shut.”


As I read through fan comments reacting to Dana’s post it is clear there is confusion on the timeline of of Brock’s suspension. Not to mention lots of fans are split on if his return should happen at all. Helwani happen to clear this up too earlier today as well.

“More than six months left. His suspension froze after he withdrew from the USADA testing pool.”

The manager

Earlier this week Brock’s manager made it clear Lesnar will do whatever he wants to with his career. He also made it clear recently in a follow up tweet he is not his manager he is in fact Brock’s “advocate”.

“Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do. I’m not a manager. Such an antiquated term. I’m an #Advocate. And I’m the best of all time. You’re welcome.”