Manny Pacquiao will challenge Lucas Matthysse

Golden Boy Promotions is putting on the show. Manny Pacquiao will challenge Lucas Matthysse for the WBA welterweight title that he has held since January 2018. Pacquiao is coming off a loss from Jeff Horn and is looking to make a comeback victory.

Freddie Roach will not be there

Freddie Roach, Manny’s long-time coach/mentor and father figure will not be part of the event. ESPN has got it covered:

Pacquiao will go into the fight without his longtime trainer, International Boxing Hall of Famer Freddie Roach, overseeing his camp or corner. Koncz said Pacquiao has replaced Roach with Buboy Fernandez, Pacquiao’s lifelong friend and the career-long assistant trainer who has been with him for every fight.

“That’s Manny’s decision. Manny has told me Buboy will be handling the training on this fight,” Koncz said. “What’s important to Manny is that he has one voice to listen to in the corner that he trusts, and I guess that’s Buboy for this fight.”

Pacquiao had been with Roach since he came to the United States to fight for the first time in 2001. Together they reached glorious heights and forged a seemingly unbreakable bond. Roach has trained Pacquiao for his past 34 fights.

Asked about the reason Pacquiao decided to make a change — without notifying Roach — Koncz said, “There was some concerns Manny had in the last fight and some statements Freddie made to the media that Manny wasn’t very pleased about.”

Lucas Matthysse

Lucas is an Argentine professional boxer, known for his aggressive pressure fighting style and punching power.  He is the current WBA welterweight champ.

Lucas Matthysse Highlights